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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Been flat out at work, so have not written here for a while, but I have been having a lot of inspiration from reading the various blogs, that I have listed to the right, during my lunch. Again, thank you to all those pro’s and aspiring writers for your blogs, they are funny, fantastic and forthright….fffing good in other words.

Anyway, by not having much time to myself, means that when I sit down to write, I don’t have time to procrastinate…. damnit, it sounds like so much fun as well! No blog browsing, going to movies…just writing, and I have found it is actually fun having that pressure.

As an example, had to travel south today for a meeting, and had to hang around afterwards, to continue the meeting, after the bloke had seen his next appointment. I had 30 mins to kill, what to do, open email, call all the people I was supposed to, so that my company continues to profit from my sales ability, or open MMS and write the next Star Wars/Spaceballs? Opened up the old lappie in the middle of the centre I was in, fired up MMS and managed to get in nearly a whole page….closed up and moved on.

I wonder if other hacks like myself, do that, or do you write mainly at home and find yourself procrastinating? Just wondered.

I have been taking the advice of just write, even if it is crap (if? Yeah, definitely is more like it, but we persevere ;-) ) , and I reckon it is good advice. So, give it a go yourself, just write, the best thing is, you get to fix it before anyone else reads it!!

Also, quite often, I do most of my thinking about my writing whilst driving, and have some great ideas. When I sit down to write, it is nearly like saying to a comedian….okay be funny…..NOW! OK WRITE NOW!!!!! I am thinking of getting a little voice recorder and keeping it with me and trying to use that to record my thoughts, and playback later.

Does anyone else do this type of thing?

Moving on, many shows lately have performed cross overs, Buffy/Angel, Law and Order series, etc. I was watching House last night and it dawned on me……an episode I would love to see, House crossed over with Scrubs. I just see the potential for a Cox vs House showdown hilarious. I know it wont happen, but in my mind that would be one worth watching a few times. You nearly have identical opposites, the ditzy blonde, to the hard arse smart dark haired. This keeps playing on my mind…..and the more I think about it, the more I want to see it!

Anyway, back to sales plans, talking to my delightful moron customers, well not all are morons, most are okay, and some more writing. Off to a tradeshow on Saturday, hopefully I will have some time at night to myself, no kids or wife to entertain, wooohoooooooo alone time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it On!!!!!

I have ordered Alex Epsteins book, Crafty Screenwriting. Once the moonsoons have gone, and it is the right time of year, and the boat has arrived with our supplies, I will finally get the book sometime in mid September. Looking forward to it. Will let you know what I think, ie did I find it helpful. I was fortunate enough to have chatted with Alex a couple of times, via email, about an interview I thought he might like, and discussed his book. I gave him a gentle ribbing that I hope he was not disappointed that the postage cost more than the book, after all the work he would have put into it(well, I hope he did put lots of work into it! ;-) ) I am down under so, yes, postage often costs more than the book from Amazon! I hope he understood it was just my dry humour, and did not take offence ;-) Can you offend people who live in Canada?

Have fun, everyone!


At 1:47 pm, Blogger The Awful Writer said...

I was thinking of getting a small voice recorder, too. I checked around and found one at WalMart for about $30.


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