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Monday, August 22, 2005

In your trackies

With a blog, I find it is like what you wear on the weekend around the house......I go casual, comfy, if the shirt is hanging out a bit....no problem. If the grundies are showing however, that is too far. We all have limits! ;-)

On the blog, if there is a funny little spelling problem or whatever I don't catch first time around, I don't worry about going back to change it if it makes no real difference to the sentence or story.

Anyone else like that?

When writing a screenplay however, I am fastidious and mentally whack myself when I find any errors. I obviously have a much higher standard when tackling something serious.

It is no slur on anyone that reads this blog.....it is sort of like hanging out with your mates......they don't give a crap, you can just be you.



At 2:33 pm, Blogger The Awful Writer said...

I tend to go back and correct mistakes I spot in my blog posts. That's probably a sign of insecurity on my part, but whatever. I am what I am.

BTW, what does 'In your trackies' mean?

At 4:20 pm, Blogger Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

I corrent them if I spot them before anyone else.

I worte a post that said "that's life" in French. Or at least I thought it did until a friend pointed out that I'd written "that's the town".

Simple mistake, I do know the correct phrase as I'm trying to learn French, but as he'd pointed it out in my blog comments it was too late to correct :)

At 7:59 am, Blogger Grubber said...

LOL AW sorry....in your trackies.....trackies is short for trackpants.....if a word can be shortened....Aussies will do it! ;-)

Hi Chris, good to see the Pom could make it. ;-) Are you still watching that amazingly well written and performed Aussie show neighbours? I mean it is quality stuff isn't it. ;-)

At 1:07 pm, Blogger The Awful Writer said...

Ah, ok. In the States we call them sweatpants, or sweats (rhymes with 'wets') for short.


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