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Friday, June 08, 2007

Bad week....

Two people I love very much.

66 and 67 years of age.

Finally settling into retirement. New house, etc.

46 years of marriage.

All blew apart this week. HUGE backstory.

No-ones fault. Both parties faults. Two people, one sad story.

Old enough to understand they why's etc. but listening to both your parents in emotional pain breaks your heart and drains more energy than I realised.

Going to be a long year.

PS On top of all that my daughter has discovered the Olsen Twin movies...AND she loves to watch them with Dad. I just imagine I've been captured by jihady types and my eyelids are held open with roughly cut wire whilst strapped to the chair. So far I haven't given over any info,but I may crack if there is a long weekend and my daughter wants to have an Olsen twin movie marathon.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The importance of those little lines...just add water

You know the ones that are smattered amongst the fast flowing dialogue runs in your "best of the best of the bestest" screenplay.

They're the easy ones to dismiss as not important to spend time on when you've got the Mr Sheen out doing those contest winning, agent impressing dialogue/ exposition /structure /whatever polishes.

Couple of words, never more than one line.

Easy to read.

Agents and Evil Development Excutive Overlords might even read these lines.

Aren't they as important as the "no more than four" lines action paragraphs where you map out the emotional journey through the characters actions and inferences in their movements or simply destroy the universe with a wad of gum and a nuclear device sitting on Panadora's box.


Those single lines can be very important.

They can change ......


I saw a photo the other day that perfectly illustrates the importance of these lines.

Why a picture? Picture = 1000 words...yadda yadda.

Below is a headshot photo....we've seen them a 1000 times before....this one is Jessica Alba in a bikini top. Photographers and her publicist must dole these out at an alarming rate. They're common, you hardly give them a glance. Not withstanding that JA is an extremely attractive girl but once you've seen that shot (line) a thousand times...whatever.
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As I said...seen it a thousand times ...boring.
Then. The twist. A small change to the photo(line) and suddenly everyone is taking notice.
Exhibit A.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Just add water and you have something different that catches peoples eyes.
Thus endeth the lesson for today. Go back and add water to those boring lines. :)

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