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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

and down at the pond..........

Pat Morita has died. I enjoyed him in Happy Days and the Karate Kid movies (hey I was only a kid at the time, and was into my karate then). Looks like he got to die in peace, after a bit of a rough start to life in the camps.

May he RIP.


Wont be proceeding the purchase of the business. All together..ooooooooooohhhhhhhh :)
Got enough finance to buy it, but after discussions with previous owners, who thought it would take about 12 months to turn it around….I thought about 6, he has done it before, I haven’t. So even if I took a halfway point, my figures showed we could last 6 months max without any income….and as long as nothing went wrong with the restaurant. However, we found out late last week, some more parts of the terms and conditions……had been led to believe that the landlord was responsible for the equipment he owned, not the case….and some of it is getting old and if one major piece went……well there is $10K before you know it.
Add in the fact that based on current figures, you could expect a loss of $5-$8K per month for the first two months minimum, and a basic investment in some much needed items (like docket books to take orders instead of scraps of paper), well you add all that up, and you don’t need much to go wrong.

So, on the face of it, it looked good, and if we had more reserve’s up our sleeves, it would still be a good proposition, as I’m sure we could get this place jumping again, but since we don’t want to risk the house, we just don’t have quite enough (in the worst case scenario). So no sale. Not unhappy about it. Just glad I did what everyone should do when looking at buying a business, conducted some basic due diligence….before getting in too deep. Rather let it pass than take it on and end up in worse situation. THAT would suck! ;-)

Here is link to place……..website looks alright, on the face of it, but if you start digging, fonts are all over the place, hard to read, etc.
Those verandahs are nice and wide, and perfect for drinking cool beers in the evening……….

I remember reading a while ago about the old studios, when the major stars were under contract. The studio head or whoever, would basically look at what movies are happening next week/month whatever, and then from a chart of directors, stars, and other major players, sort of pick them there and then, and send them off to make the movie. That is a boiled down version. Please correct me if I am wrong….not everything you read is the truth.

Hansard is a good example of that. ;)

Anyway, as you do on the daily commute, I was thinking, isn’t that what packaging really is amongst the big agencies like CAA? I mean, is there that much difference. On the face of it, they are just pulling what they think are the best team together out of their stock. The studio back then, was doing the same, pulling the best of their stock, and some pretty damn fine movies were made under that system.

I am sure it pisses off the smaller agencies, but since in which industry did the big players not piss off the smaller ones? Why should Hollywood be immune to that? After all, the studios are there to make money, except at Oscar time when it is all quality baby! J

So, is packaging such a bad thing, if it has been done before, just not by agencies. The main difference I see is that the studio used to be run by “movie men” rather than MBA’s, is there a chance CAA and the like would actually care more about their talent then an MBA studio head, and as such, try and make the best match possible????? hmmmmmmmmm


Friday, November 25, 2005


By chance, I just read in the Courier Mail that Channel 9 has sold the rights to WW to the ABC for next season, and I think the last couple of the previous season. I have missed most of the previous two seasons due to the absolutely appalling manner in which Channel 9 has treated this show.

My two favourite shows on the telly, Scrubs and WW, both get screwed around. Why?

Anyway, this is terrific news!


What's Up Doc?

Okay, Summer time here in Oz, and so it is now Summer rating period just around the corner.

Used to be something to look forward to, right up there with prostrate checks and root canal work, on the sharks at Seaworld.

But something is happening. Advertisers are demanding a year round approach........my god........somebody has figured out that people watch TV over the holidays.............fuckin' brilliant concept if you ask me. Wish I had thought of that.

The last week or so have been ads on TV about what is coming up, I have seen the following so far:

Veronica Mars: looking forward to this one, as I have heard many a good report about it online.

Ghost Whisperer: The psychic bosoms are coming down under. Read an article about it the other day. The consultant on the series, some wierd looking(see sleazy) an actual psychic he claims, assured the journo there would be a second series, he had foreseen it. Laugh? I nearly grunted. So Shawna if you haven't already, you can put this one down as picked up for sure.

Strong Medicine: with Patricia Richardson, from Home Improvement. Not sure about this one. Does not really seem to appeal to me.

We also get some oldies but goodies back, the 70's show, etc. Scrubs and West Wing may come back, but WW could be on cable for good now.

So summer viewing no longer equates to Hell, although with the temps we reach some years, it will be close.

Heading to Cairns myself to spend Xmas with the in laws.

Irony: Finally getting aircon installed in your house, only to spend the hottest time of the year in the tropics with your inlaws, with no aircon.......LMAO.........the good part is we don't get to see them much so it will be great to see them again and finally get to spend a Xmas with them. Wife and I even have a special night away by ourselves planned. First time in 6 years. but who's counting. Wonder what we will talk about. Might have to do an outline so we know what to do?


Was thinking about the issue of formatting and what might turn a reader off, etc. etc. From a newbie perspective I think you should compare it to a first date.

Dress nice, but whether you wear a tie, or not, whether you wear a coat or not......really, as long as you don't turn up dressed like Alice Cooper about to go onstage(presuming you are not dating a goth here, otherwise reverse everthing), then you will be let in the door and not treated like a leper. She might look at you and go, hey not exactly what I like, but we can work on that, no biggie. Men are always a work in progress, aren't we?

Anyway, so you get on the date, this is where you can really stuff up, if you skull your drinks, are rude to the wait staff, make her pay the meal when you said you would shout, and talk crap about why you broke up with your last 10 girlfriends, and just for clarity have prepared this spreadsheet explaining and cross referencing why the breakdowns occured.

That will end your date quicksmart!

That's how I keep the formatting thing in perspective.

Asking about formatting tips to ensure clarity in the screenplay is fine, sort of the equivalent of "does my bum look big in this?"

But if you are asking whether that Safari Suit from the 70's still looks good, then it is time for a radical overhaul!

Have fun.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

George Bush in court

Bit of fun. This is just up the road from where I live.

George Bush in court
From: AAP

GEORGE Bush has been brought to justice in Queensland.A distant relative and namesake of US President George W. Bush faced the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on the Sunshine Coast yesterday on a charge of driving while disqualified.

"We're starting with a big one today, aren't we?" Magistrate Cliff Taylor said when George Richard Wright Bush appeared in court.

Texas-born Bush, 21, was fined $550 and disqualified from driving for two years after he pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified.

Bush's solicitor Jim Ryan confirmed to the court his client was related to the world's most powerful man.

But the third cousin of the US leader said later he had never met his famous relative and had "nothing to do with him".

The US president, whose father George Bush also served as US president from 1988-92, is no stranger to driving offences himself.

He was arrested and fined $150 for drink driving when aged 30 in 1976. His younger sister Dorothy and Australian tennis star John Newcombe also were in the car.

The Sunshine Coast court was told the younger Bush, who works as a waiter, had been stopped by police in Maroochydore on November 3 and found to be driving while disqualified.

He told police he had been returning his car home after lending it to a friend.

Can you please keep your drunk Presidents in line? That's all we ask. ;-)

Love the Magistrate!


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pink 5

I struggled through this video Pink 5 many months ago on dialup, and loved it. Got broadband a few weeks ago and remembered it. Went back and watched Pink 5 and the followup, Pink 5 Strikes Back.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, have a look, you wont be disappointed. There are others there as well to check out. I am going back now to enjoy some more Star foolery.

Bit of interesting procrastination, www.trudang.com they put Pink 5 together....the guy has worked on some big films in the SFX area. Starship Troopers being one of them, Abyss, Species the others.


Friday, November 18, 2005


They actually accepted our offer over the other party, which means we are in the box seat to actually buy this business.

Waiting on finance, that will be a week or so to see if we get it, and then solicitors and accountants.

Better be careful, I might end up self-employed and have to grow up.



Hi All,

Just noticed that at Simply Scripts, they now have a section solely for Treatments .


Thursday, November 17, 2005

For fellow newbies

I've been meaning to put this link on here for a few days now. If you want to read a very interesting post on writing and the importance of each individual word, try Stu's post here . If you have read several dozen screenwriting books the dialogue part will be second nature, but his comparison with programming is a good read. Also, he is a fellow Aussie, so he must be 100% correct. ;-)
No news on the business as yet...... we have made an offer, but no response as yet. Current owner is overseas at present and not checking emails that regularly. If he accepts our bid, over the other bidders, then it will be wait to see about finance(answer known soon anyway), and consult accountants, solicitors, etc to see if we go ahead. It is a good business, I know that for a fact, it will just depend on how much debt wife and I are prepared to accept against that risk. Would be a no-brainer without kids, as our level of aversion to debt would be much lower if no kids around, but then that would not be fun. We would get plenty of sleep, travel, and my knee would not pack it in every month on schedule (beware of daughters launching themselves off your knee in the pool without warning, when said knee is straight and locked, several weeks of limping, grimacing, and use of cane like an old man will ensue).
I mentioned in a previous post about a writer who had previously been a writer on one of my all time favourite shows, MASH. Karen Hall is her name. I saw her linked on Paul Guyot blog, and when I read about her writing on MASH, I emailed and asked(politely with plenty of grovelling I think) her thoughts on why that show was able to have that fantastic, razor edge balance of drama and comedy, and she was even gracious enough to reply to me. She seems incredibly nice (like the other pro's around here) and she has a new TV show of her own making coming out soon. I wish her all the best. Click Here for her site. Make sure you click on ABOUT when there, to read her accomplishments in writing.
Cheat of the Day: Names
For those times when it is late at night and your brain wont fire, you just want "a name, any f****n name will do, I'll change it later, I just don't want to think about this one, tiny little thing right now", then try this site, lots of name generators, and other stuff. I have a few more stored at home I will post as well.
Have fun.
PS I know there are fullstops on the leftside, only way I could get blogger to give me some space. Showing blogger the HAND!!!!!!!!!!! Keep out of my space!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Working Class Man

Well, depending on what happens in the next 24 hours or so, I might be a bit light on the ground for the next few weeks. Not that it will cause any dip in the stock market, nor masses of single girls wringing their hands, and threatening self mutilation over it. That was last week when I went topless in public.

Anyway.....wife and I are in process of trying to buy a business here in Oz. It is a fantastic opportunity, we knew the previous owners and what they achieved with it, and the current owner has well, not operated it to its full capacity. Wife and I have the experience, so we have bitten the bullet and are sourcing all that fun stuff at the moment to buy it. You know, money, lawyers, etc.

Won't stop me writing, but will take away some uncertainity of my present profession, which, I believe, over the next 10 years, will be greatly reduced, if not disappearing all together. History just about guarantees it will go.

Some may look on this as giving up on writing. Not so, just the pragmatist(sp?) in me. When you have kids you can't, well I can't, not make every endeavour to take care of their welfare first, my dreams second.

Best part is, if it comes off, the business has a website and I can post the link so you can have a good laugh.....you will love the website....it is so well structured, easy to read, and professional in it's present form....not. ;-)

Let's just say it would be a good place for writers to come if they want a serene location, with beer, near Brisbane. ;-)


Thursday, November 10, 2005

One of those days

Edited: Just bad day at work. No need for me to swear so much ;-)

Continue ....... whatever needs continuing...and stop....... whatever needs stopping.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Query Letters I Love

Very sad news, The Manager Guy, who along with Empress started the above site, has passed away. The Empress has just posted about this.

Very sorry to hear that, as that site is very funny to read. You can learn things by reading this site, as a sort of what NOT to do.

I don't know the guy from a bar of soap, but I hope his family and friends are coping with their loss, and I hope he has a good time where ever he is.


Friday, November 04, 2005


I don’t know how many of you know of this site, I think most do, but just in case, I have found this site, The Thinking Writer, extremely helpful with different legal, technical and writing issues. Worth checking out.

More interesting sites to come. Recently found a ladies blog who originally started as a writer on one of my all time favourite shows….MASH, and boy has she been busy since then!

Hattip to Warren from Screenwritinglife.com for the follow two.

Also, I added that Rollo search, the red thing on the sidebar. Moses from The Rabbit Trail put this together, it is a collection of all the pro-scribe sites. Very handy! Great idea Moses, well worth it.

I think Moses also put this thing together Frappr thingy, where you can take you place in the world! Make your mark, move to Siberia if you want. The more the merrier!


We have a Winner

Any of you aspiring SW's like myself, who have not checked out this blog by Security Dog, do so now.

He has actually sold a script to Hollywood from here in Oz. Okay he had to travel there and take a few meetings, a week or so ago (who wouldn't), BUT, he has done it. He has been tantalizing/torturing us over a few days now, leeching the story out slowly.

I have only one thing to say about that.


What did it come down to?

Quality of script. Sound familiar?

Back to writing.

Here's a big CONGRATULATIONS to Security Dog! Well Done!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


When you make someone called Scooter your Chief of Staff.........aren't you just asking for trouble?

Does that not make sense?

Scooter - Mailroom

that makes sense.

Scooter - Chief of Staff trusted with sensitive information.....NO!

What's next?

Bart Simpson Majority house leader?

Just saying.

Oh, and for all you who are going to point out that two of the senior politicians in government today here in Oz have the last names Abbott & Costello, we know, it was a joke that went too far. Sorry about that, wont happen again.


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