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Friday, November 18, 2005


They actually accepted our offer over the other party, which means we are in the box seat to actually buy this business.

Waiting on finance, that will be a week or so to see if we get it, and then solicitors and accountants.

Better be careful, I might end up self-employed and have to grow up.



At 12:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ran my own music store for 11 years (closed it in 99 but that was my first dream). Now on to Dream #2 screenwrting so hopefully ligtning can strike me twice..good luck on the Biz

At 7:20 am, Blogger writergurl said...

Best of luck on the new biz.. I am self employed and let me tell you, I've never worked for a better boss! ;)

Or worked harder...

Good luck!

At 2:03 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Will know a bit more by next Monday.


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