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Monday, October 31, 2005

stuff & more stuff

First thing, cleaned up my links a bit, made them a bit more user friendly, been wanting to do that for a while. There are a HEAP of links of SW sites that I want to put in, so if by some small chance you actually read this site, and your link is not there, don't despair, it will turn up....eventually.

Just practicing procrastination....enjoy my study.

Next, I was hanging over at www.wga.org checking out their new pretty site, check it out if you have the time.....and found this page, the TV Market, it contains contact details at what seems to be a lot of (if not all, I just don't know all the American shows) the major TV shows.....so if you are a TV speccie person, this may be of help, not sure as I have not really looked into the TV field myself.(and yes, I know that sounds delusional, as it infers I am totally confident on the possibility of a feature spec sale in the future...just wanted to let you know, I know, that you know.....well you know....)


Any other overseas feature spec writers have this happen to them?

You are proof reading after getting a little rush going, and you have spat out 2-3 pages, and you find yourself, taking out your local slang and whatnot? The over the top stuff, (e.g. g'day would not just slip through) but rather the spelling or meaning of a common words or everyday slang....one good thing is, the spell checker is normally of the US variety so that takes care of most common words at least, you just see a page with red over it for a while.

I posted this story in the comments on JD's site
as he was looking for things to do.

Scuba diving or swimming will not be high on the list.

That first paragraph of the story nearly sounds like a logline for a pitch, and we have all read worse ones . ;-)
One of the greatest experiences on earth.

You come home, and your second child who is 19mths old, and learning to talk,surprises you by running across the kitchen yelling

"Dadeeeee Dadeeeee Dadeeee" for the first time ever.

Good stuff.


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