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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Aspiring ASS club

Update: 21/10/05
Okay, that was the worst name I could come up with, but I thought it had a nice ring to it. Baboom. Exit stage right.

The Aspiring Australian Screenwriters Society. ;-)

There is a few of us online now, and I just wanted to do a post and list them down with links so that if you have not met each other….go ahead, email, have a beer, complain about the Pom’s winning the Ashes……oh that’s right, at least two (I think) are former or current Pom's, who were lured over here by flashes of Kylie Minogue’s thighs on Neighbours….or was it Bea on Cell Block H that caught your fancy? Fess up guys.

Anyway, below are the guys I have come across, don’t know of any girls as yet, but I am sure we will find one around here somewhere. If there are anymore out there…..let me know! Sign up. Sign up!

Benefits of being part of a ASS.

Well, you’ll have someone to get drunk with, and moan that you had faithfully studied Poetics and the bastards still wont buy your screenplay, about the heroin addicted, sheep-shagging shearer from Sydney.

I think most of you live in Sydney, so you can also get together and beat-up the Surgeons Script Editor.

Without further ado:

http://www.konradwest.com/ Konrad - Sydneysider, going for his first novel and enjoys screenplays and long walks in the needle infested parks looking for inspiration and cheap women.

http://characterarc.blogspot.com/ - Security Dog…Sydneysider ..this guy is actually overseas at present talking to Hollywood...it may only be the sign, but it could be producers as well….he is actually doing what we want to…and he is a Pom. He probably drinks warm beer to. Best of luck with the script SD! Funny guy as well. His blog is worth the read, he lives a colorful life in Sydney!

http://screenwriting101.blogspot.com/ James, actually based in Melbourne. He is obviously the black sheep. Like me, not a young pup, working on screenplay, and generally learning writing, trying to keep wife happy while you lock yourself away, and try and explain why you are excited you found a way to cut those 5 pages without screwing up your story.
http://www.biki.net/blog/ : Blimps are cool -Stu, only found this one late yesterday actually, so have not chatted with him yet. Stu, if you stumble across this say g'day.
Found this one late yesterday afternoon, and did not get chance to update until now. So here you go.
http://chained.blogsome.com/ - Xander ( I think the Buffy reference jokes would have been done to death by now, so wont go there ;-) ) anyway, he is actually working in TV in Aus, on a childrens show, as a writer (bonus), and working on a spec. Interesting read from inside TV in Aus. Yes, it is all wonderful here, and we are just philistines for thinking that Aus TV and film is that bad at present. Enjoy.

Me, you’re here already. Living in Queensland, so I will see you all eventually when you retire and head north. Mwahahahahhaahahaa. Queensland really needs an evil overlord I think. Would add that extra quality we are missing, he could put everyone to work bending those banana’s.



At 12:33 am, Blogger PJ McIlvaine said...

I am jealous. I want to be an ASS too!

At 7:56 am, Blogger Grubber said...

LMAO PJ! That's the spirit. :-)

I found one more guy yesterday, so will add him as well hopefully today.

At 9:26 am, Blogger Konrad West said...

Cheap women?!? Give me some credit!

At 9:39 am, Blogger Grubber said...

You can have more when they are cheap ;-) Isn't the X generation into more of everything? ;-)

At 3:19 pm, Blogger Konrad West said...


Anyway, thanks for the intro to the other Aussies. Hopefully this is the next wave of talent to ditch Oz for Hollywood!

At 9:57 pm, Blogger James said...

Glad to be welcomed into the fold.

Love the country and all, but I think the move here from London hasn't helped my fledgling career. Oh well, I never do things the easy way, anyway. Perhaps the next 'good move' will be to Iraq or something...


At 9:25 pm, Blogger stu willis said...

Whoa. Small club!

At 5:22 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

LOL.....think of it as exclusive....like the Kerry Packer Kidney Donor Club. ;-)

Glad you found us Stu, sorry have not made contact, been a bit busy.

Have fun!

At 8:04 pm, Blogger Mac said...

Hey - not all of us ASSs have blogs.

But this might be useful for the ASS community.

"Call for 5 minute scripts. Pay = $2,000". (Only available for Australians)

I'm just passing this on, so contact the website at the bottom of this blurb ....

Mac. (M a c H a r w o o d - a t - H o t p o p . c o m)

SBS and Screenwest Launch Bold New Drama Series - Marx And Venus

SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown today launched a ground-breaking new drama series MARX AND VENUS with a first stage call for scripts. Marx and Venus is an innovative joint venture with Western Australia's film funding and development agency ScreenWest.

Marx and Venus will be a series of short television situation dramas based around two characters developed by Geoffrey Atherden of Mother and Son and Grassroots fame. The series features flat-mates John Marx and Venus Hoy - and the trials and tribulations they face sharing their flat.

The programs are to be used as interstitials in SBS' schedule. They are intended to be bright and fresh and fit an M classification. Marx and Venus is to be a stripped drama, to be shown five nights a week in primetime, and each episode will be only five minutes long.

SBS is looking for 25 scripts, with at least five from Western Australia.
Anyone and everyone can submit a script. Although it is expected that many well-known Writers will contribute, potential writers don't have to have any previous experience. The successful Writers will each receive $2,000 for their script.

Once the scripts are selected the entire series will be produced a Western Australian production company and directed by Western Australian resident Directors.

Shaun Brown said: "This is bold, never-been-tried-before television, unlike anything seen on Australian TV screens up to now. We're looking for
ambitious, engaging, risk-taking material. Glenys Rowe, who recently stepped aside from her position as General Manager of SBSi, had a nice turn of phrase when she pitched this idea to me. "We need to shake things up a bit," she said. "It's high time one of the broadcasters broke through the old structures which are so patently not working for Australian Writers, Directors and Producers." I'm delighted to say that we're doing it with one of our favourite production partners, ScreenWest."

The Western Australian Minister for Culture and the Arts, The Hon Sheila McHale was in attendance at the Conference Opening of Small Screen Big Picture and joined SBS Managing Director, Shaun Brown to make the announcement about Marx and Venus.

"This partnership highlights how Western Australia's relationship with SBS continues to strengthen. We are proud of a strong tradition of factual programming and quality drama with SBS and Marx and Venus will again showcase the depth of talent being developed in Western Australia" Ms McHale said.

Marx and Venus is scheduled to go to air early 2007. Visit www.marxandvenus.com.au for more information


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