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Friday, November 25, 2005

What's Up Doc?

Okay, Summer time here in Oz, and so it is now Summer rating period just around the corner.

Used to be something to look forward to, right up there with prostrate checks and root canal work, on the sharks at Seaworld.

But something is happening. Advertisers are demanding a year round approach........my god........somebody has figured out that people watch TV over the holidays.............fuckin' brilliant concept if you ask me. Wish I had thought of that.

The last week or so have been ads on TV about what is coming up, I have seen the following so far:

Veronica Mars: looking forward to this one, as I have heard many a good report about it online.

Ghost Whisperer: The psychic bosoms are coming down under. Read an article about it the other day. The consultant on the series, some wierd looking(see sleazy) an actual psychic he claims, assured the journo there would be a second series, he had foreseen it. Laugh? I nearly grunted. So Shawna if you haven't already, you can put this one down as picked up for sure.

Strong Medicine: with Patricia Richardson, from Home Improvement. Not sure about this one. Does not really seem to appeal to me.

We also get some oldies but goodies back, the 70's show, etc. Scrubs and West Wing may come back, but WW could be on cable for good now.

So summer viewing no longer equates to Hell, although with the temps we reach some years, it will be close.

Heading to Cairns myself to spend Xmas with the in laws.

Irony: Finally getting aircon installed in your house, only to spend the hottest time of the year in the tropics with your inlaws, with no aircon.......LMAO.........the good part is we don't get to see them much so it will be great to see them again and finally get to spend a Xmas with them. Wife and I even have a special night away by ourselves planned. First time in 6 years. but who's counting. Wonder what we will talk about. Might have to do an outline so we know what to do?


Was thinking about the issue of formatting and what might turn a reader off, etc. etc. From a newbie perspective I think you should compare it to a first date.

Dress nice, but whether you wear a tie, or not, whether you wear a coat or not......really, as long as you don't turn up dressed like Alice Cooper about to go onstage(presuming you are not dating a goth here, otherwise reverse everthing), then you will be let in the door and not treated like a leper. She might look at you and go, hey not exactly what I like, but we can work on that, no biggie. Men are always a work in progress, aren't we?

Anyway, so you get on the date, this is where you can really stuff up, if you skull your drinks, are rude to the wait staff, make her pay the meal when you said you would shout, and talk crap about why you broke up with your last 10 girlfriends, and just for clarity have prepared this spreadsheet explaining and cross referencing why the breakdowns occured.

That will end your date quicksmart!

That's how I keep the formatting thing in perspective.

Asking about formatting tips to ensure clarity in the screenplay is fine, sort of the equivalent of "does my bum look big in this?"

But if you are asking whether that Safari Suit from the 70's still looks good, then it is time for a radical overhaul!

Have fun.


At 8:06 am, Blogger ScriptWeaver said...

In regards to formatting (and dating), you WANT to look like every other bloke the sheila has ever dated (pardon my Australian). It's what's on the inside that should capture her imagination (and heart).

As a contest reader, I can't stress enough that "off-white" card stock or one extra brad CAN actually affect how someone dives into the screenplay. I have a post about it...


At 2:13 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

Read that post, I can imagine if you are reading that many, and whether it is judges or readers, they all have that sort of volume to get through, so yeah, make it as easy on them as possible, and in a way, don't stand out until you need to, I suppose ;-)

Sheila can still work in the outback(not often) but if you call a girl that in the city, you are like to get a Prada highheel inserted somewhere it hurts. Then, she'll get upset with you.

Depending on your makeup, a person may like having a Prada inserted somewhere.............


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