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Friday, February 02, 2007

The F Words

Floods and Flu.

Not great seperately, they SUCK when together. Stuck in Cairns, can't drive to Townsville, so jumping on a flight tomorrow at lunchtime, 55mins later touchdown.

Had fun yesterday around Tully, when I could not make it through(police with guns can be persuasive, who'd have thought?) coming back to Mission Beach was interesting. Had to follow a semi's backside through the water just to make it. This is the MAIN highway up here as well, not some two bit back road....then again.......... :)

The reason they suck, they are cutting into my planned writing weekend.

Mainlining Panadol so the head is clearing which is a positive.

Take care.
PS James, got your email, been without internet for two days now, will respond soon. Good to see the prison sentence was reduced.......I can make up more stories if you like ..... or you could blog about your good news here (http://screenwriting101.blogspot.com/ remember that place) if you like :) Yes, Queenslanders are bastards :)

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