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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Challenge

The other day Michael frm the Red Right Hand issued a challenge about putting up a page of a script we are working on. Security Dog had done something similar recently putting up a scene from an early script of his, and suggesting we do the same.

Well, combining those two requests, I am putting THIS up here for you guys and girls to read. A few months ago I wrote that I would love to see a crossover episode of Scrubs and House. A showdown between Dr Cox and Dr House is what I wanted to see. Well, it occurred to me that even though I would never see it on the screen, it could be written, so that is what I have started to do as my fun side project. At first, as the medical jargon and what not from House intimidated me, I asked another writer who is more familiar with House if they wanted to take part as well, unfortunately they weren't able to, so you will notice I tend to brush over this part at this stage. I have my disease picked out, that will emerge when necessary.

When I don't feel like writing anything else I pull this out, and pluck away at it.

I am not writing to try and get a job in television, as I don't think I am cut out for it from what I have read, so I am just trying to write something funny with the right voices, rather than the right structure(ie allowing for commercials) at this stage. To me, it is a bit like cage practice, just keep writing, anything. There is 8 pages to have a read of, shouldn't take you too long. As it is a script that could never get made, I don't have to worry about registering this one with the WGA or anything like that.

I love both shows, but if push came to shove, I would have to admit that Scrubs is my preferred show. I decided to squeeze them into a half-hour script rather than try my hand at a full hour. Might do that later. As far as format, I have simply used the normal feature screenplay as I have not studied up on sitcom format much, so forgive any irregularity to a standard sitcom format. Also, I used capitals for their name in the action at all times, it was just with so many characters flying about it seemed easier to read doing it that way. Just a little quirk for this script.

So, I hope you enjoy. Be gentle :)



At 4:12 pm, Blogger ScriptWeaver said...

I've never seen an episode of House, but I do watch Scrubs. I think you've got the characters down really well, especially Dr. Cox. Just remember to put down some periodic flashback sequences.

Anyway, good job!

At 11:58 am, Blogger Enoch Allen said...

Hello. My name’s Enoch Allen and I am currently spamming your blog.

Seriously though, I really enjoyed your script. It’s really detailed about the characters, their personality, their behaviors. Screenplays and teleplays don’t do that anymore. It’s all connect-the-dots screenwriting nowadays, which from a practical standpoint is really time-efficient, but from a creative one, is detestable and repetitive.

Write as much as possible, and know that someone, somewhere in the world will read what you wrote. Just like the dummy who’s posting this comment on your blog.

Bonne chance!


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