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Monday, December 12, 2005


Well here is one idea....go to Ken Levine's blog and have a laugh. Has been a writer on MASH, Cheers, and several more that will make your eye's bug out. He created one of my favourite sitcoms, that never really got a chance...hmmmm sound familiar? Almost Perfect with Nancy Travis. Great show from the mid 90's, about Nancy Travis as a TV show writer and her relationship with her AD boyfriend. Great stuff. If you need any further convincing Lee Goldberg reckons it was a must see show for other TV writers.

Besides Lee's blog, if you have an interest in writing for TV, have a look at his other site and there are copies of scripts he has written, bibles, etc. Nice little downloading goldmine. It is writers offering up resources like this, that is simply amazing to me. Thanks Lee.


I am going to start hanging around hospitals and old people's homes.

Nope, not going to be hanging around with prepared wills or anything. Spoke to my Dad the other day, he is in the Salvo's, he isn't uniformed, he wont give up having a beer when he wants. You have to admire a man of strong principles.

Anyway, he visits these places on a regular basis just to offer friendship and companionship. If you knew my Dad you'd know he doesn't ram the bible down their throat or anything.

Told me about one old bloke he met. He was about 90. Told Dad he used to be a Drover in outback Queensland, and that he had the smartest herd of cattle in Australia.

At night, it kept the herd quiet if he spoke to them. Well after a while, he ran out of things to talk about, so he ended up reading Shakespeare to them, as the books were thick, cheap and easy to get, as no-one wanted them out that way.

I just have this continuing visual in my head, of a cowboy perched on a rock reading Shakespeare, under the star-filled, outback sky with this huge herd of cattle as his audience.

Love it!

What title could you give that movie?

The Droving Bard
The Shakespearean Drover

Any other suggestions?

That's all for now.



At 11:20 am, Blogger Konrad West said...

How about Shakespeare for Sheep, or Drover and Ewe-liet?

At 3:43 pm, Blogger Patrick J. Rodio said...

Damn, I tried to think of something witty but came up empty.


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