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Monday, December 05, 2005

All Australian Screenwriters.........yeah, you two.....

Just received this comment from Mac in my ASS introductory post.

Thanks for this article Mac, I decided to post it here so everyone could see it. Best of luck if anyone goes for it!!! Not bad money for a short drama. Here is the post:

"Hey - not all of us ASSs have blogs.(Mac, feel free topost here and tell us what you are up to, I think you post regularly on Security Dogs blog as well- Dave.)

But this might be useful for the ASS community. (doesn't that make you feel all warm and cuddly, we're a community of arseholes :)-Dave)

"Call for 5 minute scripts. Pay = $2,000". (Only available for Australians)

I'm just passing this on, so contact the website at the bottom of this blurb ....Mac.(cheers Mac)

--------------------SBS and Screenwest Launch Bold New Drama Series - Marx And Venus SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown today launched a ground-breaking new drama series MARX AND VENUS with a first stage call for scripts. -----------------------------
Marx and Venus is an innovative joint venture with Western Australia's film funding and development agency ScreenWest. Marx and Venus will be a series of short television situation dramas based around two characters developed by Geoffrey Atherden of Mother and Son and Grassroots fame. The series features flat-mates John Marx and Venus Hoy - and the trials and tribulations they face sharing their flat. The programs are to be used as interstitials in SBS' schedule. They are intended to be bright and fresh and fit an M classification. Marx and Venus is to be a stripped drama, to be shown five nights a week in primetime, and each episode will be only five minutes long. SBS is looking for 25 scripts, with at least five from Western Australia. Anyone and everyone can submit a script.
Although it is expected that many well-known Writers will contribute, potential writers don't have to have any previous experience. The successful Writers will each receive $2,000 for their script. Once the scripts are selected the entire series will be produced a Western Australian production company and directed by Western Australian resident Directors. Shaun Brown said: "This is bold, never-been-tried-before television, unlike anything seen on Australian TV screens up to now. We're looking for ambitious, engaging, risk-taking material. Glenys Rowe, who recently stepped aside from her position as General Manager of SBSi, had a nice turn of phrase when she pitched this idea to me. "We need to shake things up a bit," she said. "It's high time one of the broadcasters broke through the old structures which are so patently not working for Australian Writers, Directors and Producers." I'm delighted to say that we're doing it with one of our favourite production partners, ScreenWest."
The Western Australian Minister for Culture and the Arts, The Hon Sheila McHale was in attendance at the Conference Opening of Small Screen Big Picture and joined SBS Managing Director, Shaun Brown to make the announcement about Marx and Venus. "This partnership highlights how Western Australia's relationship with SBS continues to strengthen. We are proud of a strong tradition of factual programming and quality drama with SBS and Marx and Venus will again showcase the depth of talent being developed in Western Australia" Ms McHale said. Marx and Venus is scheduled to go to air early 2007.
Visit www.marxandvenus.com.au for more information.
Oh yeah, and lets see if this RSS feed thingy works for me.


At 9:35 am, Blogger Konrad West said...

Wow. Thanks for the tip!

And yep, the RSS is working.

At 12:31 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

Pleasure, glad Mac let us know about it.

Glad RSS is working, was not sure, as I thought a notice would appear after each new post....so that is good!


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