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Friday, January 20, 2006

Tarantino the Twister

We know he has a twisted mind and that's what we love about him, but he has done something without even releasing it.

He has put into film what most males my age feel like when dancing, we may not look like it, but that is how we feel. Some guys have rhythm, more power to you. Most of us don't.

If you want to actually see what we feel(I checked with a few mates on this, so it could just be mid thirties, white Australian guys, but I think it might be more dna level), get the special edition of pulp fiction, and in the specials find where they are shooting the famous dancing scene with Uma Thurman and John Travolta. Travolta, see, he has rhythm, he can dance without looking like he is having a seizure. Drew Carey is another who has rhythm, even though he is not exactly Baywatch material.

In this scene look at Tarantino dancing in the background along with them, encouraging them on.

THAT is what we feel like.

Again, we might not actually look it, but we feel that uncordinated, gangly, and out of rhythm.

So, if you want a look in the male psyche, have a little looksy at that one.



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