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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hopefully a helpful Tip

This might be a tip you have not heard before, ( not sure, don't hate me if it is well known :) ), that could help some of you budget challenged TV Spec Monkey Wranglers out there.

I was looking for West Wing scripts...(who doesn't want to read quality writing) Looking, looking,… mostly transcripts rather than scripts out there, however, found several seasons worth on Amazon…and it struck me…..yes, they normally include an excerpt for you to read.

So, if you are wondering how to format for a particular TV show, what they bold, characters in bold in action or not, sounds capitalized or not, flashback sequences, voiceovers??? Have a quick look on Amazon, you might find what you need there, without breaking the bank, then when you can afford it, you can buy the scripts to keep! :) This is of course if the script format is not already in your software. :)

Example : West Wing

Hope it helps!


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