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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

24, 23. 22, 21...........

Unfortunately I have not had the time to be devoted to this show as much as I would like to be. Instead of missing some, I'll just grab it on DVD one day in the future. However, I did just read that CTU was having nerve gas injected into it.

Now, isn't this the same CTU that got bombed?

Is it just me, or should they move addresses? Every terrorist in town must know where they are by now.

Even the guys from the Cell, could find these guys. Big thankyou to Michael Patrick Sullivan at Red Right Hand for the link to this script. I was hoping it would pop up somewhere. Apparently, it did the rounds of Hollywood, keeping many a development exec laughing. It is funny, so if you want a laugh, grab a copy while you can!

Charlie and Dave at B Movie Writers are having some success, I only found their blog recently, and they're a funny read, so drop by there as well if you like. They put me onto the best blog, Waiterrant.net , if you have ever waited on tables, go read, is good, is funny, is sad, is funny, and enlightening. The guy studied to be a priest and ends up as a waiter in New York. A waiter who has studied theology writing a blog....fantastic combination! Thanks for that link you two! It brought back many memories of when I started out in hospitality. I might post some of the funnier ones here for a laugh. I'll get round to updating my blog list one of these days.

Unfortunately I did not get home in time for the Oscars the other night, as I was starting my first exercise class in quite a few years. Had to start sometime, and Oscars is on Monday nights here. My exercise....well tried gyms, but I get bored too easy at them. I like the idea of TV's there, but can they at least turn the sound on, current affairs shows are not improved by trying to read their lips, even though Naomi Robson has nice lips(and she likes rally cars, so she can't be too bad :) ) even though current affairs here in Oz like to concentrate on the little scams, etc. rather than going after big stories(except for some on ABC and Sunday, there is always an exception to the rule!)

So, what do I do instead of gym, well, I went back to my old karate school. I looked at some others but there are too many bad instructors and meat heads out there. I saw one class where this guy was teaching beginners quite dangerous choke holds, etc. They are beginners, who could not even kick or punch properly, and you don't really know if they are lunatics or not yet, but hey, lets teach 'em the old grand master from ancient china, monkey-crane-cockroach- death choke hold so they can go home and practice on the missus.

Just rubs me the wrong way. My old school is quite traditional, friendly and they hammer you with the basics. It has been 20 years......(oh god) since I trained seriously, and yet I was not a total embarrassment the other night. Okay so I nearly puked a couple of times, but that is my horrendous fitness level......damn office jobs! :) All in all, did okay, the basics are still there, and I still have the desire to keep going back for more. I can still walk and type so I am doing okay today.

Who should have won the Oscars? Well, everyone who got one. Seriously, every movie ever made has people who either love it, or hate it (except Gigli I believe, that one is universal, even friendly Aliens would destroy us if that was the first signal in outerspace that they received) so it has to be the same with the Oscars. It is great for those who were nominated, and even more so for the winners. Congratulations to them all.

Warren and Neal were fortunate enough to actually attend the Oscars,and provide wrapups on all the coke they did with various starlets, and whatnot at their blogs. I believe Neal was embarrassed as he turned up in the exact same outfit as David Straitharn, he may have left early due to this social fau pax.

There is also no truth in the rumour that they were seen prostrating themselves in front of Jessica Alba, and chanting please be my Dark Angel.



At 5:03 am, Blogger Neal Romanek said...

No, David Straitharn turned up in the same outfit as ME! Let's get that clear right now!

I'm thinking your exercise class is going to pay more dividends than watching the Oscars.

At 7:50 pm, Anonymous Chris soth said...


There's a good idea.

At 3:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't think the Cell was funny first few pages, I abandoned it... need to take another look I guess

At 8:58 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Yes, exercise......I've been able to avoid it for quite a few years, but need to do something, may as well relearn how to beat the hell out of someone, might come in handy in any development meetings I might be lucky enough to have.

Yeah MQ, give it another go, I loved the "dancing on the graves of Tony's Paint and Panel" and best nail bomb in terrorist school lines.

You sure that's the way it went Neal? :)

At 2:01 am, Blogger Charlie said...

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the shout-out!

Glad you enjoy our blog... and equally glad to have turned you on to WaiterRant... he's the best blogger on the internet for my money!



At 9:55 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Pleasure Charlie, your blog is a great read, I hope siege is a fantastic success for you both!


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