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Friday, February 10, 2006

It seemed like a good idea at the time boss.........

I love it…..I truly do……
Let me guess……all these assistants were really called Scooter…..

Capitol Hill caught wiki-cheating
From news.com.au
February 10, 2006

US Senators' staffers have been caught editing their bosses' entries on the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, according to an investigation by news website Wikinews.

Reporters from Wikinews collected a series of IP addresses which were the source of the edits, and with the help of people who emailed Senate offices and collected the IPs they received in replies, were able to match individul addresses to computers in a brace of Senator's offices. IP ( Internet Protocol) addresses are the unique numbers used to communicate between individual computers.

Wikinews investigation uncovered more than 1000 changes to the Senator's pages, with many edits fairly minor changes to Senator's pages.

Other changes were more significant: Democrat Senator Joe Biden's entry had details of a 1996 plagiarism scandal erased, and his intention to run for President in 2008 backdated to mid-2005.

Republican Senator Conrad Burns use of the word 'raghead' was erased from his entry.
Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein's staff removed an entry about her support for dropping trade sanctions against China, at a time when her husband was heavily investing in China.
An intern for Democrat Martin Meehan altered his profile to remove a promise he had once made to limit his term in office to four years. The senator is currently serving his 7th term in office.

Some edits were on the level of student pranks, with one senator's age changed to 180, and another's entry edited to read that he was voted "was voted the most annoying senator by his peers in Congress."

Wikipedia has temporarily blocked access to its pages from Capitol Hill IP addresses
More detailed analysis from bloggers on the BoingBoing site suggested that some of the culprits were naive enough to believe they could get away with their edits, considering that edits were traced through to an IP address identified as 'housegate10.house.gov', which blogger Andrew Gray described as "a proxy through which huge chunks of the House's traffic passes".

"My understanding is that Senator Meehan got identified because someone guessed it was his office - the edits to his page were pretty clear whitewashing - and they owned up when challenged; any other congressman would be much trickier to pick out", wrote Gray.

Other bloggers are less concerned about the issue, with Gleeful Gecko writing: "Of course politicians and celebrities are going to edit their entries, they have massive egos how could they be expected to reisist?


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