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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Matrix

A lot has been shooting around lately about the Matrix and the sequels, whether they be good, bad, terrible etc. Not going to go into that, but it brought it into the forefront of my mind(a very empty space normally) when I was reading a post on Phil's blog about structure, and Maryann asked a very pertinent question regarding spirtual reality.
I was thinking about this, and related it to the Matrix as it has a number of "rules" that you must accept to enjoy this movie, and I realised something (you guys and girls must have realised this as well, but I am just catching up, so bear with me) I don't know if it was intentional, but when the movie was establishing the rules, ie Trinity's scene at the beginning was one part of this, and then the training section was another, I just realised that not only did these scenes establish the groundwork for us to believe in this set of rules, (well for now I will say my, don't want to drag all you guys and girls into it unless it also applies) but my sense of anticipation was also heightened, because i am watching all of this and thinking, if these guys can accomplish these feats, with the standard set of rules, and Neo is the chosen one, the super-special one, what the hell can he do? Hell I NEED to see this! That was what really hooked me, I can see it clearer now, even though I saw it a long time ago.
So with the boring rule setting, exposition, whatever you want to call it, they turned that into a way of increasing the anticipation. Nicely done.
That's all.
PS Try the veal.


At 3:49 pm, Blogger Mac said...

That's what bothered me about the whole 'flying' bit.

Where did that come from? It didn't seem like a logical extension of the existing rules - it just seemed introduced for no reason.

It also meant that Neo was never in danger inside the Matrix - whenever there was danger he could just fly off and be safe. It was such a useful skill they had to pretend it didn't exist for a massive fight scene - and then at the end he just flies off like he should have in the beginning !??

They should have stuck to the rules...

(Whatever they were)


At 4:11 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

I can understand what you mean, but they way I took that part was, the rules had been established, Neo was pushing those rules left, right and centre, as he was the chosen one, and was discovering more skills as he progressed. Hence at the end, he found he could fly.

The last bit also raises the anticipation, as you are thinking, okay he can fly now, cool, what is the next movie going to be like.

That last bit is probably more of why they did it, but for me, it worked well. :)


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