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Monday, March 13, 2006

Next Years Oscars

Occured to me the other day whilst reading Ken Levine's blog, since there seems to be this idea that the Oscar's were not very compelling this year(some say every year), one way you could liven the whole show up, is to have Ken use his skills from baseball announcing, combined with his observational powers as shown in his Oscar wrap up's...and well,.... you would have an interesting night that no-one would be missing!

Sure, stars leaving and never returning would be the norm.....but what a hell of a way to go out! :)

You could add to the atmosphere by having Tom Cruise, cruising the carpet throwing packets of peanuts up into the crowds. He would probably attach scientology pamphlets, but hey, we all make sacrifices for the greater good. What about Arnie with one of those shirt shooter things, yelling I'll be back.....Ken in the background....that's what you think.....



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