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Saturday, June 03, 2006

14 Day Screenplay Just Got Decidedly Easier...

Yes, indeed it has. You may not remember, but I sell, software to hotels and resorts for a living. That was until Friday. Sales have been very hard this year with the new company I started with, and they informed me late Thursday that I would no longer be required.


Many reasons that sales have not been as strong as we all thought they would have been. Main reason is that majority of new projects that we can have a crack at over here, are what we call Trust properties, very similar to your condo's. For Trust in Oz, you need specialised software. The company I was working for, does not yet have that software..........soooooooooo trying to sell something that everyone (mostly) has and you don't, gets a little hard. Any new hotels that are not Trust, generally have one of the bigger hotel chains names attached and they all use a system called Fidelio, due to contracts signed at head offices in the US. Soooooo again, it gets hard, there are approximately 4 new software vendors around this year, and they all think it is a great idea to have a price war, so in addition to not having the right software at present, a number of competitors are coming in at 50% of my tenders.

I would rather be given the role of showrunner on Faith & Hope. :)
By the way, anyone who wants to correspond with me, best not to use my old work email anymore, my old boss is now using my old laptop and all email is directed to her, and I can assure you unreservedly, she will not be any help with a screenplay. She will miss me, guess who she volunteered to write many of her letters, and opening and closing remarks for major demos, after we discussed my desire to write screenplays :) ahuh.

Besides, in exit interview, my boss said she would happily be my referee, and would happily have me back if things pick up for them. So all good that way, it was purely a business decision, which is fine.

I have been wanting more time to write and finish a few of these ideas off, so now I have it.

Financially we are fine, we have some decent savings and quite a bit of equity in the house, which can keep us going for many, many months. It is different though, when you have children. Do you know what you can get for them on the black market? Damn, we're right for at least 2-3 years based on that alone. :) Angelina has got the market so excited, it's peaking at new heights!

In all seriousness though, it is no big drama, I have had many offers of help from guys in the industry already, there are things out there that I could start in tomorrow if I want to. At this stage though, I am going to just take a few weeks and write. I am looking forward to it so much plus getting some time with the kids. My daugher was just about doing cartwheels in the lounge because Daddy was on holidays!! My wife agrees, and is supportive(and excited to have me home to help with the kids in the mornings), and she knows I am going to go all nightowl on her :)

I have a note from my doctor that I have to go see him asap about my recent cholesterol. Obviously more good news. Yeah. So, excercise and healthy eating is going to be part of this rejuvination period. :)

Other than that, it is into the 14 Day Screenplay, my plan, well for me, is to finish the one I have been working on, which has quite a few pages written already, and then finish another of the ideas I have. I am torn between three ideas. If I can't decide which one by the time I am ready to start, I might put it up for a quick vote here.

Optimistic Reader, thanks for the good luck in the previous post, same to you and all people undertaking the 14DSP!! It is already 3rd June here, so I am off to write.

If at any time, this 14DSP seems overwhelming, just read the old Australian proverb (supposedly) I came across the other day. It is under my profile that is at the top right of the page.

Hmmmmmmmm shirts with 14DSP written across them.......no-one would know! It would be a secret society,......mwahahaha.......okay, time for that later......writing first.



At 1:30 am, Blogger James said...

Wow! Nice one for taking a blow like that and 'turning that frown upside down'!

I'm glad to hear you're alright and I'm very glad to hear that the 14DSP will now definitely have your mind to add to its collective consciousness.

I myself am 12 pages in after day one, with a plan to be 40 in by the end of day two.

And, hey, you never know... what you write in these short weeks might end up being your first script sale! You might NEVER have another proper job! You could be the next Security Dog!

Real jobs are way overrated, anyway.

Good luck!


At 5:01 am, Blogger Steve Peterson said...

Sorry to hear about the job, but glad to hear about your attitude.

That's a great proverb!

Best of luck with the new script.

At 8:50 am, Blogger Optimistic_Reader said...

I always like to see a fellow optimist! Glad that you have a few things lined up and that you have time to spend with your family and to write. Enjoy it!

At 12:40 pm, Blogger writergurl said...

Dave, sorry to hear about the old J O B, but way to go with the attitude!

Now, go write!

At 2:03 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Thank you for the kind words everyone.

In case anyone is wondering, I am not putting on the attitude. That is me. If I thought my performance at work was subpar, or that anyone else could have performed better, etc. then I would be worried about finding another job, but as it is, I have turned down several approaches by other firms over the last year, so I know there are definitely positions out there, plus several contacts have already contacted me to confirm they are on the lookout already for me. So it really is all good.

Also, if we were short of money, there would definitely be more panic in my voice. Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but damn it can give you comfort and security :) Not that we are overflowing, but we have enough saved to avoid immediate panic.

Have a long list of jobs to get done in addition to the 14DSP goals I have set myself, so I will certainly not be lazing about.

Funny thing though, my wife has noticed, I am more relaxed than ever, so perhaps this is a good thing! :)

Back to writing. Have fun everyone!
PS Is it ironic I watched Fun With Dick and Jane just the other day? :)

At 2:12 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Oh, and that quote.....I actually put it there the day before the termination......good timing I thought. I just loved it so much.

At 11:10 am, Blogger Bill Cunningham said...

What are you doing posting?

Get back to writing young man!



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