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Monday, October 30, 2006

Greed can be good.......

Hi All,

Been an interesting time. Have been bouncing between Cairns in the north and Melbourne(sorry James, I knew I would not have time so did not contact you, hopefully will have a night off next trip). Out all day and most nights. Only nights off was answering emails, doing spreadsheets, etc for work, but it is calming down a bit now.

Anyone else besides the dashing Sultan of Swoon interested in swapping skills outside of screenwriting(Note Well: I have no skills within screenwriting to swap, therefore can only offer ones outside of it :) )

Had an amazing week in Melbourne last week, when I was down there for a week long course the company runs. I had to experience the course so I could tell Franchisee’s about it if they wish to go on it. Yes, nice work if you can get it. :)

The amazing thing however was not the course(surprise, surprise) but meeting a couple from New Zealand. The husband is Canadian by birth, and grew up in Toronto, they became professional dancers, ballroom style(the type the Sultan of Swoon would be able to flow into on a dancefloor :) ) . Back in their heyday(both around 60 now) they worked on a few movies in Hollywood…….a few being 22…..one of them was apparently Deliverance……yes that little flop :)

They also worked with the following:

Lloyd Bridges – very nice man
Beau Bridges – apparently the same
Kim Bassinger – nice even though the white powder seemed to be flowing
Robert Mitchum – again, nice……

The list goes on….

This information was not spouted in an arrogant display to showoff, but rather we were chatting quietly and I kept digging for further information after he mentioned they had worked on a movie. They were very down to earth, nice people who I hit it off with straight away, and I just have a gut feeling he wasn’t lying. Anyway, AFTER he had told me this, I started talking about screenwriting and how I trying my hand at a few ideas I have. He offered to let me read the scripts he has stashed away …somewhere …..he knows he can find them, but they are just not that important to him, that part of his life is over……except for one part of it.

The best part…..for me anyway.

He still has a number of contacts in Hollywood and offered (I did not ask) to make introductions when I have something I think is suitable.

Pick jaw off floor, change underpants without anyone noticing……….

“HELL YEAH” was my initial reaction, but my brain managed to lock my jaw until “that is an extremely kind gesture and I would love that opportunity” came out, plus about another 50 thankyou’s during the course of the night. I don’t think offering to zip him up after a trip to the toilet was going too far…..

So, there you go. An interesting trip to Melbourne that just got better.

To give you an idea, it was loud but at one point I am pretty sure he mentioned that he is still in contact with someone who believes that “Greed is good”.

Greed maybe good, but contacts are better :)

Later guys, off to write some more.

PS Does anyone know what happened to Security Dog? His blog disappeared and he is not answering emails. Hope he is okay.


At 11:58 am, Blogger Mac said...

I hope he's OK too.

I assume he is - if he suddenly keeled over his blog would still be around (remember what happened with Adrian Loudermilk ?).

I assume this was a voluntary withdrawal from that part of his life.

I hope, anyway. I don't know why he wouldn't answer the emails, though..


At 9:17 am, Blogger Grubber said...

I hope it is a voluntary withdrawal as well. Logic says it must be. Hope he is well.

I don't recall an Adrian Loudermilk. What happened there?


At 1:18 pm, Blogger Toto said...

cool blog dave.

At 9:42 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

Thanks Toto, I appreciate the kind comment, but I think that you are being a tad kind in saying cool.

I'm not sure it can be classified as anything but some ramblings that try to be at least fun :).


At 1:48 pm, Anonymous Kim Priestley said...

Hello, my name is Kim Priestley and I am the Mother of Adrian Loudermilk. I'd like to know who posted the comment "remember what happened with Adrian Loudermilk". Every day his two sisters and I are constantly reminded that Adrian is no longer in our lives. I hope who ever you are you were at least a friend of Adrians.
Kim Priestley (nekosan@operamail.com)


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