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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Borat: Minister for Tourism and all things that keep him out of the country

Borat, the man that has taken the world by storm and caused Kazakhstan to be trendier than Kahbala(sp?).

What the hell is that government thinking banning the movie and spending millions on another movie(I heard $40million) to showcase the history, etc of what a great country Kazakhstan is.

You idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't push him away and try educate people. Anyone worth educating already knows he is simply playing a character. Don't get so defensive about it.


Don't push, pull, make him an honourary minister, with a title something like I have named this post. Take him in, use him, turn the joke around.....use the millions of dollars of free publicity to do some good for your country. Let tourists come and see what a wonderful country it is.

Use your frickin brains to take advantage of the situation.

Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh I hate when people dont think outside the square, but rather keep the square lodged fairly tight between their wallet and their hanky.

Just about at end of my first pass of 57 properties over two states. When you guys in the US think of states they are rather small, just have a look at Queensland. From where I live to the furtherest property is nearly 2000km. Furtherest I drive is about 7 hours away, other than that, I hop on a plane. No way I am driving that far, the risk gets to high. Already sussing out life insurance, my wife wants to put it up over a million.....I am not going that high, that particular risk gets way too high for my liking :)

One of the benefits of working from home, the printers they supply :)

http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF05a/18972-238444-410636-12004-f51-1140785.html about 22ppm for printing......much nicer! Plus unlimited supply of paper as I buy my own stationery and get reimbursed. Remember it's not stealing if it is tax deductible.

Hope everyone is well.


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