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Monday, December 04, 2006

Greetings fellow blogosapiens.

I hope you have been well and all your spelling errors small and your set-pieces huge and expensive.

With my the big-action-kill-all-who-breath screenplay, I have been wrestling with the villain. He is a sort of ex-pat terrorist, the other terrorists weren’t sort of focused enough for this guy, bombing schools was just too namby pamby for him.

The problem was coming up with a character that contained a flaw that would ultimately lead to his downfall. We all know he is going to fail as soon as the movie starts, he just has to be as interesting as possible during the process :)

I was speaking to an owner of a hotel last week who was, well, to put it bluntly, being a dick. All I was trying to do was help him and he didn’t want to listen. We finished the call, and BINGO! It struck me, here is my character, he has the perfect flaw, he is intelligent but can be too wrapped in his own ideas, so he doesn’t see Miss Venezuela for all the other countries in the pageant (that is a lot better visual than trees and forests :) ) So was very excited to make that breakthrough. So, someone who is actually pissing me off, now gets to die in a horrible way, sort of.

Moving onto other things, my wife and I have been watching Studio 60 and loving it. Like a lot of fellow bloggers, we are on the in as far as understanding how TV shows work(about as in as Pluto is to the sun). So having a little knowledge gleaned from people like Ken Levine, Lee Goldberg, etc. it has been fun to watch. I sort of understand what some people have been complaining about, but did not agree with them until the last episode B12.

With all the writers in Hollywood(and wanting to get in) they could only come up with one as a replacement? Ken Levine was unavailable :) ???? It could have been Aaron Sorkins chance to have a dig at Hollywood and bring in some more mature writers en masse with a wealth of experience made up and ratings could have gone go up.

Also, the Sarah Poulsen character not being able to tell a joke? What was that? Okay, like Ken was discussing the other day, not all good comedic actors can make up their own material, that is totally understandable, however, not being able to memorize and deliver lines? Me thinks that would fall into the sacking category for an actor? Am I wrong? Okay, unless they look like Eva Mendes crossed with Jessica Alba(only the good bits, that begs the question…..are there ANY bad bits there?)

In my work I’ve cracked 11000kms since I hit the road in early September, and my frequent flyer miles are up enough I can fly my wife and daughter to Cairns to see her family. Leaving me and the little man at home to eat ice cream and watch the Wiggles. In case you missed the bad news, Greg is leaving the Wiggles due to poor health. That update is a convenient message to all parents of young children. I still want to see a death match between the Wiggles and the Hooley Dooleys, the Wiggles would walk over them.

Started typing this on the plane and finishing up in the hotel room with the West Wing playing in the background. Time to hit the sack. Have fun all blogosapiens!



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