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Friday, January 05, 2007

Smack the Dog

Hi All,

Remembered that Security Dog used to post on a blog written by a lady from Australia called Honey Smack, so I searched for it, found it and low and behold found some info out about Security Dog.

He is alive and well. He went to LA again, met Alicia Silverstone and from his location on his blogger profile, which was still active, he is back in the UK. So that is good news. Glad to hear he is all good.

Phrase of the week I came up with for my new screenplay "Motherboard humper"........I'll let you have fun trying to figure that one out. Not that hard at all though.

I previously mentioned the short that I wrote which is due to be shot this month over in Europe. What I had not mentioned was I had never pushed my wife to read it, she had never really shown that much interest in my screenwriting, but some friends were over and she mentioned to them that someone was going to shoot my short and they were quite interested. The wife of this couple has a desire to some writing of her own(childrens stories and she has a kick arse high concept story for one as well) so she was very interested, actually asked for a copy. They took it home read it and told me the next day what they thought.

Greatest feedback was from the wife(not mine, wife of the couple)......."I could actually see what was going on in the room". Made me feel bloody fantastic I can tell you. My wife actually asked to read it as well. After finishing it, she looked slightly taken aback, her comment......"that's actually good". High praise indeed from my wife! :) Her next question, so when are you going to finish the big one you are working on, I want to read that. Soon! She has even agreed to me spending more time writing rather than with her. Fine line between having enough time to write(never) and not neglecting one's family.

What else, had a good Xmas season, received Steven Kings On Writing, nearly finished it. Good book, reinforced some of the ideas I have developed and learnt over the past few years. I disagree on one or two minor points, but I put that purely down to my angle being screenwriting and his angle being more for the novelist, which is fine. Have always loved his books so I have enjoyed reading about his process.

For the parents out there, you would have heard that Greg, the yellow Wiggle has left the group due to illness, he kept fainting due to a condition which I can only spell and pronounce whilst drunk. Since it's only 6am on Friday I can truthfully state I am not. Lucky it's not Saturday morning.

I was a bit amazed that Greg left actually, because really, Jeff falls asleep all the time, so what's teh problem with a little fainting by Greg? My next thought was if Greg left, perhaps Jeff will be pushed out and replaced with a younger less narcoleptic version. So, in honour of that studio inspired possibility, I offer you my top ten(in spirit of my previous post) jobs Jeff could do if he is shunted out of the Wiggles:

Top 10 jobs Jeff the Wiggle could do if he ever leaves the group.

10. Replace Homer at the nuclear power plant.
9. Fill in for the security guards at all those high security places that have armed terrorists outside.
8. Customer Complaints at any major bank.
7. George Michaels chaffeur
6. George Michaels psychiatrist(well George is obviously not listening to anyone so why stay awake during the sessions)
5. Mets(or insert the team you love to hate) catcher.
4. Assistant to Naomi Campbell – would you like to be awake doing that job?
3. Replace Letterman, because what else would he do for the other 23 hours?
2. Jessica Simpson’s study buddy…the ONLY way.
1. President of the United States, at least Jeff admits he goes to sleep on the job.

Have fun!


At 5:58 pm, Blogger Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

Ha Ha!

You can't play cricket!

No wait.... I may have that the wrong way round.... awww shit, it's us who can't play.

Oh well, look on the bright side: I may have a career in fortune telling as I saw this one coming before any of us Poms (or is it Pomms) even bought a ticket to get over there.

At 6:01 pm, Blogger Mac said...

Jeff the Wiggle could always join the Australian Army and manage security to ensure no Rocket Launchers go missing...


At 6:27 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Hey Chris,
How you doing? Sorry been slack lately, will get round there!

Better luck in the one day side now that Vaughn is back LOL(no chance just being polite there :) )

I actually thought it would be a much closer series, was hoping actually as I find it boring when Australia wins all the time.....no drama in it then :)

At 6:28 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Good point, and they will probably multi-task him by placing him in charge of procurement.

At 4:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked your alien screenplay scene. The second attempt was definately better but I wonder if that kind of scene could use a little humor to highlight the danger? I'd love that kind of scene done from an absurdist angle.
Just random thoughts. great blog.

At 5:27 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

Thanks Anon, appreciate those kind words. Your words got me thinking of some absurb ideas for the scene and during the feverish night I had last night with the flu I had some beauties that might just come in handy for my next script actually, so thanks for that!

At 11:54 pm, Blogger Ms Smack said...

hi mate. Security Dog is blogging again. If you want his new blogging address, visit my blog and have a look at the blogroll.

Smack x


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