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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Top Ten Thing to Do

Gotta love butchering the English language.

Anywho.....for those of you who want to procrastinate but keep it within the realms of writing, perhaps calling it warm up laps or something similar. Soliloquy Squats?? :)

Head here

Letterman has a top ten contest running each week by the looks of it. You can win a mousepad. Week after week I am just blown away by TV budgets!

Scribospherean who has the most mousemats at the end of the year wins. Wins what? You already have a small collection of mousepads what else do you want? Okay you can have Jessica Alba's phone number* as well.

Best of luck!

*No undertaking is given that the actual phone number given in the prize will be answered by anyone, let alone Jessica Alba. Roseanne Barr is a possibility. So is Dick Cheney, be warned, you may be shot.


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