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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Clock is ticking........

I am just wondering how long until this story turns up on L&W SVU? It's a given isn't it?
AA rapist gets jail term after confession
By Tom Baldwin
March 17, 2007 03:30am
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A RAPIST who wrote a confession letter to his victim as part of the 12-step Alcoholic Anonymous recovery program was yesterday sentenced to 18 months' jail for the sexual assault he inflicted 23 years ago.
William Beebe received a 10-year sentence, suspended for all but 18 months, for attacking Liz Seccuro, a fellow student at the University of Virginia. The case was reopened in 2005 after Beebe sent her an apology on vanilla-scented paper.
"Dear Elizabeth," it began, "in 1984 I harmed you."
He wanted to tell her how, after dropping out of college, his life had been a misery - an "emotional black hole" - jumping on and off the wagon until he arrived at AA.
From the moment he read the 12-step program, which encouraged alcoholics to list those they have hurt and try to make amends, Beebe had wanted to contact his victim.
"I have always secretly felt, consciously and unconsciously, as though I didn't deserve true unity with another woman after what I did to you," he wrote.
"I did not know how I was going to set about repairing wrongs I believed I could never fully right most especially in the situation with you." He offered her compensation, including paying for therapy sessions.
Ms Seccuro read the letter and following emails with growing unease.
In 1984, she attended a fraternity party and was handed a drink of pale green liquid that left her feeling strange. She remembered Beebe, a student she did not know, dragging her to his room. When she tried to break free and plead for help, another man threw her back into the room, where Beebe tore off her clothes and raped her.
Beebe's account was different. "We started to make out in my room," he wrote. "There was no fight and it was all over in short order."
She remembered resisting before waking up naked, wrapped in a bloody sheet, and then walking to the emergency room. She also dimly recalled other men being involved in a "gang rape" or a "spectator sport".
After receiving the apology and subsequent emails from Beebe, Ms Seccuro contacted the police.
Beebe was arrested in Las Vegas and brought back to Virginia where, facing a life sentence, he denied charges of rape. She began to receive hate mail and suffered a miscarriage.
When Beebe pleaded guilty last year it was to lesser charges of aggravated sexual battery, the result of a plea bargain for his co-operation in the continuing investigation of what police believed was a gang rape.
The Times, Washington, in The Australian


At 5:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could make the other guys who were in on the original gang bang now a priest, a rabbi and a (retired) male stripper.
Actually, that doesn't even make sense.
Just lettin it all flow...

At 12:53 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

Wait...I know that one! :)

It has to make SUV one day though.


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