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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

nothing to do with writing

To all the people affected by this latest hurricane, I hope everyone you love is safe, and that everyone gets the help they need asap.

On to something weirder.......this is when you are having a bad day. This pollie fucked up a few weeks ago, it came out last weekend. He was opposition leader in New South Wales, you might have heard of Sydney, that is NSW state capital, so it is the largest state population wise, he had good crack at winning next election to......then he imploded.

A writer could not have been believed(I think ;-) )

Bear in mind the person called Helena Carr, in the story, came to Australia in 1965, and is well respected by the community, well educated, etc, etc. not at all like described.

I do hope he recovers, and gets on with his life.


Disgraced leader 'slits wrists'
By John Massoud and Simon Benson
From: The Daily Telegraph


FORMER New South Wales Opposition Leader John Brogden was rushed to hospital last night after an apparent suicide attempt.

The disgraced Liberal Party politician collapsed at his electoral office in Mona Vale, Sydney. He was carried out on a stretcher by paramedics about 10.50pm. Today's Australian newspaper said he had slit his wrists.

The 36-year-old was unconscious.

Emergency calls to police were made by family members and friends.
Police last night said Mr Brogden was in a stable condition in Royal North Shore Hospital with "minor injuries".

Only four hours before the drama, he had been warmly welcomed home with a kiss from his wife Lucy - with whom he has a son - before he headed back to work. He stopped briefly at Sacred Heart church on his way.

Declining to respond to fresh allegations that he had harassed women, he had rushed into his office at the rear of the building, locked the door and refused to emerge.

Police arrived at the premises about 10.15pm.

The Daily Telegraph saw Acting Inspector Rick Janssen knock on Mr Brogden's door several times but there was no answer.

He then made a full inspection of the premises, including a search of the side and rear of the building. Mr Brogden's secretary helped police enter the building.

She raised her hands to her head and became distraught when Mr Brogden was found lying on the floor in the shower at the rear of the premises. It is understood he had been drinking heavily from a bottle of gin.

Minutes later two ambulances arrived and paramedics treated him with lifesaving equipment.

Paramedics covered him with a white blanket, with his face still showing and full of colour, before driving him to Royal North Shore Hospital.

His wife Lucy was by his side in the hospital's intensive care unit early today.

Mr Brogden was also visited in hospital by his deputy, Barry O'Farrell, about midnight.

Prime Minister John Howard, Premier Morris Iemma and Liberal colleague Peter Debnam were all advised of the developments last night.

Mr Brogden was forced to quit the NSW Liberal leadership after he admitted to sexually harassing two female reporters and making a racist joke about former premier Bob carr's wife Helena being "a mail-order bride".

Liberal sources had told The Daily Telegraph that, apart from these incidents, Mr Brogden had also decided to exit the leadership because a raft of fresh allegations of sexual misconduct was set to destroy his career.

They include propositioning women for group sex and harassing his own staff and other Opposition employees at State Parliament.

Despite spending the weekend denying the allegations surrounding his Helena Carr comment and his harassment of the female reporters after an Australian Hotels Association drinks function on July 29, Mr Brogden relented late on Sunday and confirmed everything.

Even with his admission, Mr Brogden did several radio interviews on Monday morning, when he again admitted to and apologised for his behaviour, but gave no sign he was going to quit the job.

Then, at 11am on Monday, he held a snap press conference, where he resigned.

This followed the loss of all support from Mr Howard, who made it plain in public comments that he was not going to assist Mr Brogden, saying his future was a matter for the NSW Liberal Party.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal today that Mr Brogden also exited the leadership in record time because the harassment of female journalists and his racist jibe were only a sample of his poor behaviour towards women.

It emerged yesterday that Mr Brogden had made inappropriate comments to other women in recent years.

Two women came forward yesterday with claims about a Christmas party in 2003, although they had not planned to go public until details of Mr Brogden's drunken behaviour emerged this week.

It also emerged that he was seen in the company of a blonde woman at an exclusive party for last year's David Jones spring fashion launch.

The fashion industry worker told friends she was romantically involved with Mr Brogden and paid him special attention at the party in August 2004, which was attended by supermodel Linda Evangelista.

The Daily Telegraph can also reveal that the father of Mr Brogden's wife, Lucy, had serious concerns about young female staffers.
Sources close to Mr Brogden said Lucy's father, former Liberal Party state treasurer Frank Hooke, advised him to move 25-year-old Suzanne Tulloch out of his office in 1999 because colleagues had begun to speculate about their relationship.

Ms Tulloch denied they were anything but friends.

When some people stuff up, they do it well!


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