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Friday, September 02, 2005

Screenwriting Magazines

I am looking at subscribing to one of the screenwriting mags from the US, not being in the US, and since I can't find any copies in the newsagencies around Brisbane, I thought I would ask you guys if you read any of them, and if so, which would you recommend.

The two I have come across are:

Scr(i)pt Magazine
Creative Screenwriting

Are there any more out there that I should consider?

Next question is are they worth it, or should I just look at maybe a book or two instead.

I think they would be mainly good for up to date information, ie interviews, new techniques, etc etc. not for strict formatting informaton or anything like that(maybe, but I would not expect it).

Bear in mind that any subscription virtually doubles in cost for me due to postage. :-) So, it really has to be worth it.

Still enjoying Crafty Screenwriting immensely. Don't wait for review, if you are new to screenwriting, grab it now, and get stuck in, that is my opinion, all two cents worth(less tax).



At 1:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get both of them and both are well worth it, I find myself reading every single article in them. There is a slight bit of overlap, for instance they'll both talk to Alex Payne or David Koepp at the same time about his current film, but mostly they are separate enough to enjoy.

At 10:33 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Thanks for that Moviequill.

Well, I might give one a go this year, and then try the other one next year, and then see which one I like more for then on.

cheers for that!


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