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Monday, September 05, 2005

What's in a Name?

Some of you may, in those downtimes when picking the gunky bits out of between your toes seems like too much effort, wonder why blogger signs me as Grubber.

Well when I opened this blog up, I was not sure of how it all worked, and so used the nick I have used for years on some forums.

Grubber is one half of mulligrubber. It is a cricket term for when the ball hits the pitch and scoots along the ground after being bowled. Well we use that term here in Oz anyway. So that is where it came from. Real name David Thomas. I respond to Grubber, Grubs, Dave, Thommo, beer, etc.

A lot of the people in this screenwriting blogosphere are American (don't know why, what do they have in the US that spawns so many screenwriters?:-) ), anyway, you normally dont know much about cricket, and I am going to enlighten you as to the true attraction of this wonderful game.

The funniest description I have heard is "baseball on valium". Not far off really, but America is known for its fast lifestyle, and that includes sports. I believe that most baseball and basketball games are over in a few hours, and Grid Iron takes about 4 hours or so to play, as they keep stopping to check the stock market or something.

Those games are all well and good, but really they are like a Chinese Meal for sport. You feel empty again after a short time.

Cricket however, is the full 10 course banquet.

You may not have heard of a test match.

A test match last 5 days.

5 Days.

Yes, 5 Days.

When you take time off to see this baby, you need a decent amount of your annual leave still available.

Play starts each day around 10, and finishes around 5pm.

Unfortunately they have just recently restricted it to light beer. You can imagine what it was like prior to this ban.

Cricket is therefore not a sport, it is a lifestyle. ;-) Unfortunately at the moment, us Aussies are getting our arses handed to us on a platter by, of all teams, the Poms!

Here are some pretty pictures.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, don't believe a word Chris Parr says from
http://ukscriptwriter.blogspot.com/, he is a Pom, and therefore cannot be relied upon to discuss cricket rationally.



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