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Monday, September 05, 2005


Hi All,

Have finally gotting around to adding some more sites to my links.

Some I have had saved for a while now, others, just found in the last couple of weeks.

Two to check out, that are not related to writing(well sort of), the sex in the city girls, girlspoke.com, some very funny girls writing here. If you liked Sex in the City, you will probably enjoy these girls as well.

Michael Yon is the other. He is actually former special forces himself, but is now a freelance journo in Iraq. Getting some amazing stories on his blog. His latest, well, read it for yourself.

I have interspersed the aspiring writers like me, in amongst the pro's, so that hopefully some more talent will spill over to all us aspiring ;-) lets hope so!

Bill Cunningham has some great articles on writing in general and especially for D2DVD, which is not a new pop band in case you are wondering, and no it is not a new cream to relive THAT itch either!



At 4:18 am, Blogger Bill Cunningham said...

Dave, just saw this post and I have to say you're wrong: D2DVD is both a pop band and an "itch creme", and comes in many delicious flavors. Non-fattening and fun for the whole family. Available wherever leather and latex are sold, or on the web at



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