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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My writing area.

Lee Goldberg asked people to post pictures of their writing areas, just got a digital camera so thought I would try it out. Apologies for poor lighting.

My Dad who is a retired builder helped me build, and install that bookcase. It's my favourite place in the house.

I like to call it My Wall of Knowledge. :) Yes, it may be the Wall of Crap, but it is cosy. Yes, Twister does get a workout sometimes. Love my joystick longtime :)

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I now give you, opposite the Wall of Knowledge, the Couch of Inspiration, where many a good idea has come from. :)

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The couch is low enough that my children can hit me in the face to wake me in the event I have too much inspiration. Yes, that is washing at the end. It doubles as the Couch of Anything. It has a busy life.



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