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Friday, September 16, 2005

Racing Update

Wrote about this in a comment below, but thought I would paste it here as well.

Well, met with the other guy last night briefly, (had migraine coming on so kept it short, but did not want to put it off one more night). He agreed the he liked the book, so that is great. One down.

Saw the court records he has, there is some amazing stuff to be reviewed, evidence returned by police, original horse registration papers, statement of witnesses, full printouts of court records, track paperwork, etc etc. We are going to get some folders etc this weekend and start preserving the stuff so it does not get wrecked.

Honestly, he could just ebay this stuff for, hell, who knows how much, it is at least in the thousands I would imagine. So, he is not after a quick buck which is good. He is in for the long haul.

So, today, I called the movie rights holder's office. He was not there, but left message, wiht brief explanation, and a definite...NOT LOOKING FOR MONEY included in there. I have not heard back from him at this stage. I will give him until Monday, and then try again, if still not heard, I will then use his mobile. I always try to be polite before going for the jugular. ;-)

So, that is it at this stage. Just basic planning. I am going to do two scripts. One with notes referencing all source material, so that lawyers can easily check it, if required, and the second one will be a straight normal screenplay. We have discussed basic structure of movie, and funny enough, we both have similar idea on structure which is nice to start off with.

That is it, we are aiming for another meeting Sunday afternoon to discuss the structure, etc and go through court records. Will keep you posted.

Thanks again for offers of help, they are greatly appreciated!!

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