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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This post outlines how Lost producers have formulated the strategy of engaging the audience outside of the actual show, and they even have a visual map, so to speak, of how that information is disseminated across the internet and other areas.

If you open up that map to it's larger size, you can see one very interesting area.

They have actually factored in Bittorrents. I am assuming if they have included it, they see it as a positive....interesting.

I wonder if they see it as a positive, that people who may have missed it on TV and are therefore interested enough to download, will hopefully become regular viewers, etc.

Just interesting.
PS it was interesting that I could not find one more way to put the word interesting in this post.


At 9:36 am, Blogger Konrad West said...

Hmm, interesting. ;)

Seriously, though, it's fantastic that at least *some* people in charge of major franchises/TV shows understand that the internet is to be exploited, not feared.


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