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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The What Golf Club

I really can't remember if I have posted this here before, and can't find it in the old posts, but my job is selling property management (PMS is it's short form, yes, I must be a good salesman if I can sell PMS :) ) software to hotels and resorts. Yes, it is a terrible job when you have to go onsite and demo. Spent 5 days in Samoa, a year or so ago. Someone has to do it you know.

Anyway, came across this golf club while researching, and I reckon it has the best name ever, I just can't pronounce it. Nor could the Kiwi who works about 2 metres away from my desk, so I am pretty okay about it.

I ain't even typing that.....go here .

Can you imagine how much extra sheets of paper would have been required in the call sheets for LOTR if they had filmed there. The mind boggles.


At 1:06 am, Blogger shecanfilmit said...

Is this Samoan? It's obviously a repduplicating language. There are not many of them. Not that hard to pronounce:


I don't know where the syllable stress would fall, however.

At 3:59 am, Blogger Georgi Rimsakov said...

It sounds like the Japanese for "baby's nappy" (a sack o poo poo)

At 6:04 am, Blogger MaryAn Batchellor said...

Sounds like it's on an active volcano! Yeah, I want to play there.

At 9:00 am, Blogger Grubber said...

Christina, a reduplicating language????????? WTF....that actually sounds interesting, going to have to google that, get past all the porn popups, and find out what the hell that means.

It may be easy for you to say, but I keep dislocating my tongue each time I attempt it, I have now renamed the golf course, the Riki...being Australian, it is part of our cultural heritage to reduce everything down to 1-2 syllables so we can understand and/or pronounce it.

You'll notice Shakespeare wasn't Australian.

Olaf = legend

Maryan, if I make it there, which I may, I will pick up a cap or something for you, it is just one of those places that you want something from. I HAVE to play there at one stage.

At 2:28 pm, Blogger shecanfixit said...

I'm a linguist by training and so rarely have the opportunity to break it out. My masters thesis was titled "Deriving Non-argument Subjects in French." Ugh. I don't even understand it now - I read it and go, "What?"

At 2:58 pm, Blogger Grubber said...

I feel much more comfortable in my stupidity, now that you explained that! :)

How many lectures did you sleep through? :)


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